Signing up on 13th Feb

After review a number of different hosts to “upgrade” my website too I have chosen DreamHost. I found DreamHost through Gallery (who’s affilliate I will use when signing up) as my website will either be running Gallery 2 or emAlbum Pro, just depending on which runs smoother once the highend traffic begins.

I’ve been with my old host for 4 years and quite frankly, their service was s**thouse from the beginning, but lately it’s gotten so bad I can no-longer read my own emails or long into my control panel so it’s time to get better service.

And I’m getting a better plan on DreamHost for much cheaper.

Can’t wait!

B U R N O U T w o r l d Where tyres come to die! The #1 source for burnout videos, burnout pictures, car pictures & more!

welcome to DH!

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Hi, and welcome (in advance) to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

DreamHost isn’t perfect, but in my experience they are better than most out there, the low price is just a bonus.

If your previous host used cPanel, then the custom DreamHost admin panel will come as a bit of a culture shock and may take a little getting used to, but overall it provides far greater control than cPanel and it will become second nature in no time.

Anyway, good luck and don’t forget the forum if you run into any problems, there are plenty of helpful folks here willing to lend a helping hand.


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Welcome to Dreamhost, you should find Gallery 2 easy to manage on Dreamhost, installing it is a snap using the one-click installer/updater, I run a couple of galleries using Gallery 2 and have found the speed of it good.

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Hey, your site would be a PERFECT candidate for the new flash video system.

Those are some awesome videos and it would be even better if they could play instantly!!!

Good Luck!


Thanks for the support guys… good to see a bunch of people who actually give two shits in the hosting business…

As for your suggestion wholly, I love your suggestion, but am abit perplexed as to how I could intergrate it into G2 or emAlbum Pro, as its not actually a flash movie but a code.

But even without implementation, it would be great to convert my movies into flash simply because of the file sizes.

B U R N O U T w o r l d Where tyres come to die! The #1 source for burnout videos, burnout pictures, car pictures & more!

I’ve not used either of those packages but what I’ve seen of them, I didn’t think they were suited to anything more than a personal photo album or maybe disjointed pictures from a professional photographer.

You’ve got such a cool and focused topic that it just begs for something cool - maybe a wordpress install with a image navigation plugin would make posting simple and allow for consistent formats for the users.

I was surprised when one was an avi that downloaded and opened winamp and the next one was a quicktime that opened up a whole blank page to show the video.

Good luck - I hope it’s encouraging to know that it can be even cooler. My teenager, damn you, is trying to figure out what he can do with our Eclipse to get you a video.


what a cool site, I love the vids!

when you join dreamhost, be sure to enter the site of the month contest, youve got my vote. :slight_smile:

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Wholly, After your brilliant suggestion I got to thinking, and realised both G2 & emAlbum Pro both have flashplayer as a module to the gallery function. So instead of trying to code in the DH player to the gallery, I’m just simply going to convert all the movies to .SWF using imTOO’s MPEG Encoder. That way ALL the files will be the same format, and - like you informed me - it’ll stop 432 different movies players from opening everytime you watch a vid, as well as keep the hit still in the window as to increase the advertising potential.

Like guinness in a bottle - it’s bloody brilliant.

Oh and tell him to just to a huge rollback in the car. Don’t worry about your transmission or diff, it’s… like… totally good for it =P

And Mojo, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll certainly be applying once the site is figured out and free of little bugs.

[color=#CC6600]B U R N O U T w o r l d Where tyres come to die! The #1 source for burnout videos, burnout pictures, car pictures & more![/color]

Sounds awesome! Let us know when you’re ready for comment/abuse!

And no, I’m not telling him.