Signing up nonprofit

I am trying to sign up for a free non-profit account for my university class. As per instructions at

when I got to the payment page I stopped without yet paying. The instructions say at this point to FAX the requisite “501©(3) determination letter” required as proof of eligibility, which I did. However, the instructions at this point also say to “Indicate your DreamHost account number on your cover letter.” The problem is that at the point I was told to stop (just before payment) I had not (as far as I can tell) yet been assigned an “account number” by DreamHost. The instructions end at this point without saying how to conclude the transaction.

I haven’t finished the application process because I have not heard back from DreamHost, and I suspect I haven’t heard back from DreamHost because they don’t have an account number. Where do I go from here?

Any help greatly appreciated.

What instructions are you following?!?!

The Wiki page has two sets, one for people new to DreamHost and another for those that are already DreamHost customers. And it’s the set of instructions for existing customers that requests the account number.

People new to DreamHost would get an e-mail message (because they provided an email address and wrote it on their fax, too)

Here’s a tip: always check the “discussion” page for a Wiki article, you’ll see that for this process its suggested you can either choose pay by check or pay in advance and get re-imbursed depending on time constraints.

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Thanks for the very rapid feedback. I did misread the instructions page, and did not recognize that there were two sets of instructions: one each for DH members and nonmembers. And thanks for the tip about the “Discussion” tab atop the wiki. I’m giving the application a second shot. Let’s see what happens.