Signing up error?

Hello. I recently tried/purchased a new account for a hosting plan. I clicked on the button that said charge this card now to pay for everything and it took me to the place where you type in all your information and chose your plans and stuff. Shouldn’t it take you to a confirmation page or something? How am I supposed to know it went through? I thought that it just failed to do that so I went back and did everything again and clicked the charge this card no button once again and it went back to the same page. Im worried that it charged my account twice for the same exact thing. PLEASE HELP!

You’re not alone. I too attempted to sign up (yesterday). After entering my credit card information I was taken back to the credit card entry page. That was definitely unintuitive. My panel account was created. However, I was not able to login by entering my user name, password and then clicking on login. I clicked on the “forgot password” link and strangely, that logged me in. The panel states that my account is pending approval. As of now, I have received no confirmation e-mail that any services have been requested. I have also yet to receive any correspondence from support after I had sent a support ticket. I like the many options that DreamHost provides, but thus far the support has been less than satisfactory. I hope your and my problem gets resolved quickly.

You should receive an email confirming that your application has been approved, giving you FTP/ login details, as well as emails telling you your ‘free’ domain registration has gone through.

These emails generally arrive shortly after the sign-up process. In my case they arrived within minutes.

Just as a matter of interest, what browser / OS were you using when you signed up?


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