Signing in to my dreamhost account

RE: desperately need help…!
@shearerno9 sorry to hear about your problem. What you report is strange because you have been helped once and now the issue is back… are you sure your computer doesn’t have some nasty virus that interferes with your browser? Anyway, try contacting Support at (you don’t need authentication there, and as of captcha try a different browser).

Otherwise, please consider using Twitter and tweet at @dreamhostcare

I’m closing this thread now because we can’t help you further on the public forum.

so this is dreamhost support…is it…? Still not able to access my account…so dreamhost’s answer is to pass the buck to either twitter or elsewhere…? Think dreamhost you are not really helping me are you…? think if you can’t help me…and i can’t access my account…then my recently paid years subscription should be refunded to me…would you agree…? Or is it written into the terms and conditions that once you have my money…then its tough luck mate…?

I apologize for any inconvenience if you still need help getting in to the account you will need to submit a ticket through the proper channels so that we can track all communication with you for security purposes.

You will need to contact us here:

Please be sure to select ‘Other’ from the the drop down menu and to include any domains associated with your account. Once we get you ticket we can have one of our account verification specialist contact you. I tested the ‘Capcha’ portion of our site and it appears to be working. I am currently using Chrome as my browser, and I am able to see the the ‘Captcha’ picture. If you can not see it try using a different browser or clearing your browsing history. If this does not work let us know.

Finally you can also always email from the email address associated with your DreamHost account, and this will automatically open a ticket for you.