Signed up - Why am I awaiting activation?

So hi guys,

I just registered for dreamhost’s shared hosting plan with their $19/year promo. Is it just me or does everybody else have to wait for them to approve registrations? Upon signing up I got a confirmation email that I was charged just $11 instead of $19 and that my account was awaiting activation because it couldn’t be done automatically… The free domain I picked is also still available for registration.

Anyway, can anybody here familiar with dreamhost enlighten me on this matter?


There are certain checks in the registration process that bounce you into a manual approval queue. Unfortunately the “approvals team” only works Monday-Friday during normal west coast USA (GMT-8) business ours.

As for the price, when you register a domain name you are charged for it immediately. If you read the screen rather than just click thru it does tell you this. If you continue hosting after the two week free trial then you can elect to make that domain your free domain and you will only be charged the difference. In either case, whether you continue after the two week free trial or not, the domain is yours for a year, and you can easily use it with hosting elsewhere.

Thanks for the info Lakerat.

Although I can’t do anything about it and I can wait but I would have liked it more if they registered or locked in the domain on the spot even if I don’t get to use it till my hosting gets activated. Thanks again!

I wondered that actually. I helped a friend set up a new account on dreamhost, he shared his screen via skype, he was in Scotland and was using an American credit card with an American billing address obviously from a foreign counties IP, so it’s quite logical he should get bounced into the manual approval queue. The domain he was registering was unique enough I wasn’t too worried about someone else grabbing it, and we happened to be doing this during Dreamhosts business hours, so it only took an hour or two before the account was approved. but I in fact had the same question, is the name protected?

No, it is not — the domain name is not registered until the account is approved.

There’s millions of registered domains, and any domain ending .com, .net, etc has been available for 20 years. Would be a major coincidence if two people now registered the same domain name in a short period.

I’d be amazed if there was a single time in DH’s history that a domain had been lost due to the slight registration delay.