Signed up for a new hosting account

Hi, I just signed up for a hosting account here.
My question is, where to I begin? How do I get to uploading and so on?

My account name is “janetmerai”

You login to with your login name and password and go from there!

You’ll have to associate your domains with users, if you choose to create more. To move the domains over, you will have to switch their nameservers to Dreamhost (,

Is FTP available?
And I cannot do anything, my account is empty and no services are available.

Do I have to wait?

What do you mean by empty? Has your account been confirmed yet? It sounds like you need to wait before it is confirmed. Nothing will be availible until that happens.

Oh, thank you for the information.
My account hasn’t been confirmed yet.

I’ll wait :stuck_out_tongue: