Signed up, but forgot to refer

Let’s say I signed up for Dreamhost but forgot to use a friend’s referral (I forgot to visit via his referral ID-enabled URL.)

I know that now I can let him retroactively refer me, but I don’t want to give him my domain name or email address. Is there a way I can retroactively use his referral?

Thanks! It will be great if somebody could point me in the right direction. – Compare the plans and signup here!

You could give him your web id :slight_smile:

Well, not even my web ID can be given out.

Actually, the situation is reversed. The “friend” I speak of is in my situation and I am in his, but it’s the same thing :slight_smile: – Compare the plans and signup here!

And one more thing…just the web ID isn’t enough, is it? Dreamhost needs the email AND (the web ID OR the domain). – Compare the plans and signup here!

Not sure but couldn’t you just add like a hotmail or gmail address to your info and then they could enter that and your web id?