Signal to buy new server?

i just have a question… does Internal Server Errors and downtimes hit you as a “signal” that you need to add a new server? i think my site has outgrown my old server due to traffic and expanding number of members. let me know if there is indeed a correlation thanks

mygothicheart dot com

This is primarily a customer-to-customer forums, so contacting support through the DH Control Panel will get you an answer much faster :slight_smile:

somebody suggested i go here, but thank you for the direction. i just thought it can be explained by fellow members, also don’t want to be a hassle to the dreamhost staff.

Reporting problems isn’t hassling. It’s what they’re paid to do. But if they don’t know about the problems they can’t fix it.

There are many broken sites out there because people just don’t know how to handle them - 400,000 domains are hosted here. They can’t look into every 503.

Go get 'em!


What sort of traffic numbers are we talking about?

It is possible that your site has outgrown shared hosting, but it is also possible that your problems are due to an inefficient script and/or plug-in on your site.


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