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Ok I got everything I need to know about htis place and this is where I wanted to be hosted I loveit .

But question :
Is it possible to sign up by phone?

Problem is I can’t get hosting here w/out signing up by phone, so is it possible?


Not that I’m aware of. There’s also not phone support, except for a limited number of call-backs, depending on the plan you choose.

You might try contacting sales to see if they can help you out, though.

Just curious–why would you need to sign up by phone? Since everything else has to be done online anyway, I’m just wondering why signing up would need to be done by phone.

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Maybe he’s in prison?

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I wouldn’t think he’d have much use for a website while in prison. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, perhaps the original poster (like many others) is uncomfortable with the idea of giving his credit card details over the Internet.


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