Sign up for domain registration only


A friend of mine wants to register a domain name for her website. I thought she could sign up in dreamhost and register the domain, and then I would host her site in my dreamhost account.

I have some questions:

  1. The Whois Privacy is applicable also for domain-only sign up ?
  2. Is there any problem or issue or restriction in the case she in the future wanted to host the domain elsewhere, outside dreamhost ?
  3. Can she take advantage of the referrer feature? and what bonification would I and she have, if she enters my email as referrer ?

  1. Yes
  2. The problem is actually if she wants to later host the domain herself in DreamHost. It would have to be a non-Promo code account, and she’d have to submit a request to Support to do the transfer. Outside hosting is a cinch.
  3. Referer only applies to full hosting. Again she won’t be able to set up full hosting here with a Referer code for a domain you’re already hosting. If she is thinking about a hosting package, she’d better do it now, and might even come out ahead: She’ll get the domain for free and get a hefty discount.


  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No & None

If she’s serious about a site, hook her up with a maximum discount promocode and offer to help with setting up her domain and show her the basics of the Panel if she believes it’s a bit out of her depth. You’d then receive a referral credit (which you could personally return to her!) and she’ll have a free domain for the active life of her account.

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I thought we won’t have DNS access if it is a domain registration account. Is that correct?

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You don’t get to play with DNS, but you can set the Name Servers to point to a host who will let you play.



I see. So domain registration only account is able to modify domain name servers… I got it. Thanks

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Another questions:

Then, if she signs up for domain registration only, could we set up, for example, google mail for the domain, in both cases (I host her domain at Dreamhost, or it is hosted outside) ?

By the way, if she registers the domain outside Dreamhost, and I host it in Dreamhost, where should be configured, for example, google mail for the domain, where it is hosted, or where she registered the domain ?


I already have full hosting, so here’s what I’ve seen:
To use any Google Apps for your domain, you’ll need to edit your DNS. You can’t do that here with registration only. You’ll need a full hosting package.

a) Again, she’ll need hosting (or DNS services) somewhere, which gets back to your original question
b) If you host it at DreamHost, that’s like full hosting, and you’ll configure the DNS entries here.



If she’s only willing to invest a $10 registration fee then I’d suggest that you register the domain on her behalf from within your own account, set the domain as Fully Hosted, and setup an ftp user for her so she can manipulate the files relevant to her domain. This will allow everything you’re after at the least cost to her.

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