Sign only if you want a budget

Dreamhost is a good choice if you want to get the cheapest one year deal and only if you can afford your website being down for a week without advice.

I have 2 joomla sites going extremely slow and one RoR site down since a week ago.
What do I get from DH support? Just useless answers and when the problem is big I get a :

"Hi there,

This is just a note to let you know that although it’s almost been
24 hours since you sent in your message, we haven’t forgotten about

We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours, but due to the
large number of questions we have right now we’re afraid we may have
to go over a bit this time. :frowning:

Please hang in there and we’ll be getting back to you as quickly
as we possibly can!

Our apologies again, and we appreciate your understanding."

My website is down, i am loosing money and what you say is wait another 24 hours???

Thanks to DH to make me decide going for a dedicated server.
BTW, 4+ years with ixwebhosting and they are great, I signed DH to diversify and because it was only $24 a year, this las year was $120, plus $4 a month for https.

If you’re tired of “loosing” your money, hold it tightly. Sheesh. You make it sound like someone’s emptying your wallet. Good thing you wised up and got a dedicated server for such an important business venture.

I’ve had great luck here. Most weeks I get about 99% uptime, which really means it responds quickly more than 99% of the time. An actual outage is extremely rare. I get maybe one warning every month or so that my site didn’t respond for a few minutes. That’s fine since my life doesn’t depend on 99.999% uptime.

So quit whining how you went cheap and then couldn’t get an instant response to an issue with your site. Seeing how your Joomla sites are up, there’s some other issue with the RoR site.


You got your 1st year at $2/month? I paid ~$5/month!


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[quote] I signed DH to diversify and because it was only $24 a year, this las year was $120, plus $4 a month for https.
Shouldn’t be a problem since you are “making money” the other 99% of the year when your website is online, right?


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You don’t use shared servers for Critical Business

99,99% LOL

My last critical support mail was commented (not solved) 60h later.

My main website is not hosted on DH, only some administrative tools that are not working since a week ago because the DH team prefers to use a Blog than sending emails.

If I update a version that will make all websites crash I make sure all my customers receive the information.

Yes, yes, I know you like DH very much…

I really don’t think you can class Scott as a fanboy. I’ve noticed all the ‘old skool’ participants here will happily call a spade a spade if they think something is found lacking with the service. That’s probably the most refreshing part of this board imho.

Is that code for “proxy I use from work” or something?

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