Sidebar replaced with recent post?

Hi all, since sometime yesterday, my right sidebar has been replaced with my second-most-recent post, but only on the front page. If I click to view an individual post, my widgets appear. This problem persists even if I change themes. Is this happening to anyone else?

I haven’t dug into the html, but if that’s the problem I’d be most suspicious of a badly formed div tag, maybe.

I managed to fix this, but I’m not 100% sure how. I went back into my last few posts and replaced the div tags with p tags. I’m pretty sure that’s all I did, and it is the case that in my theme (and a bunch of others) the sidebar is differentiated with a div tag, but I’m surprised that that’s all it took to fix and, and indeed, break it in the first place. I think maybe the Wordpress upgrade made changes to the html editor such that it’s adding lots of spurious div tags. Meh.

But there you go. I hope that if anyone else has this issue, it is just as easy to solve!

The HTML editor was upgraded, but FWIW, as long as you’re not switching between visual and HTML editors, anything you write in HTML remains in place.

If you’re still seeing weird problems, make sure you upgraded to 3.5.1. I know there was a bug where scheduled posts had div tags (and other HTML comments) eaten like a teenager at a buffet.

I don’t know what kind of buffets you’re going to, Ipstenu, but if there are teenagers getting eaten, I think you’re going to the wrong ones…!

Teenagers are worse than grandparents at buffets. They’re like a tsunami of food inhalation.