Sick and Tired of broken email

I honestly feel like pulling my hair out ,the past few months Dreamhost email has gotten worse… and worse… and worse.

It’s now at the point where my ability to receive and send emails is down about 40% of the entire day, on and off intermittent.

This is with pop3, though I understand people have been having same problems with IMAP too, this is both with my desktop email client as well as trying to access via in the browser.

I have raised several tickets about this, first times they said there would be hardware changes to fix the problem, well they changed hardware, and the problems got WORSE.

The last response I got from Dreamhost support was very apologetic.

"I’m terribly sorry for the delay with my response and the reoccurring
issues with our mail service over the past few months… Yes, you are
correct about the problems being unacceptable and have our mail service
on top priority at this time. "

That was back on the first of February, saying there are still upgrading mail clusters.

I don’t want apologies anymore, I want an email service that actually works, hell I’d settle for half works!.

I saw in the dreamhost status update page that they’re currently doing fixes to homemail-sub4 that they already did to sub5, I’m on sub3, I really hope thats fixed next and soon!.

Honestly I’m… i’m trying to think of reasons to stay with Dreamhost and the reasons are hanging on by a thread, really feel like taking all my domains and business elsewhere.

Dreamhost used to be soo rock solid, then about couple years ago started experiencing the odd downtime here and then, and then last year the email problems started, culminating in today when half the time I go to check my email, the email is down.

Not acceptable…

FWIW… I have never had issues with dreamhosts shared webservers, the one time I did I asked to be moved after some investigation, and 24 hours later all was good again.

I have had trouble communicating with dreamhost support at times. It’s very frustrating to open a ticket and have to wait 24 hours for the first viewing of it. Then to have something you thought was clear and simple be misinterpreted. The communication cycle after the inital response from support can be hit or miss, sometimes replies come quick once the tickets been opened, other times they go slow or in the wrong direction.

As far as email goes… yea it’s bad. and it has been since I’ve been here. I even have multiple forum posts bookmarked where dreamhost admits their email isn’t the best. When talking about dreamhost email there are actually two sub-topics to discuss. Your actually email accounts on the mail servers AND email sent via a dreamhost webserver… they are two different beasts, but each has its own list of major issues, with webservers it’s mostly that they get RBL’d from time to time, there are a host of issue with the actual email servers as well tho. MY SOLUTION: I haven’t been happier since I decided to spend $4/per month/account for 2 hosted exchange accounts at Microsoft’s office365. (PS: that’s two user logins… you can have many more email boxes and/or email addresses) If you can configure your webservers scripts to use smtp you can even route those through your exchange account. Note: if your a reseller check out… hosted exchange… reseller and affiliate programs where you set your own pricing.

I have had the same problem for about a year now, and it has been gradually getting worse. I primarily use the webmail browser client. When I’m trying to edit my inbox and click the delete button, it constantly sends me back to the login page, and then usually tells me I have an incorrect username or password. If I leave it alone and come back to it later, it will let me log on, then do the same thing after a couple of attempts to clear out my inbox again. Many times I get the error message just simply logging in.

I thought this was a webmail only issue, but I’m realizing that it happens on my phone and Thunderbird as well; it just isn’t as noticeable as webmail sending me back to the login page. I just tried to get my mail on my phone and it could not log in.

I’ve stayed with Dreamhost for years because problems usually only occur intermittently, but this has steadily grown worse over the past year to the point where it’s almost unusable. I keep checking the forums and support pages to see if it’s a common issue, but I have never found much information about it. I thought it was just a webmail thing not being very friendly with my browser. It is more than that, and really should have been fixed by now.

Yes, yes, yes to everything you said. This has been driving me CRAZY. It has definitely grown worse. I see they are “performing maintenance on our “homiemail-sub4″ mail cluster” on the 27th, but I don’t have confidence that will fix the issue in the long term. And in the meantime, email is unreliable to the point of being unusable. Exceptionally frustrating.


As you may already know, we’ve been experiencing intermittent mail connectivity issues the last couple of weeks. This affects IMAP/POP/SMTP and webmail login errors or being kicked out of webmail if already logged in.

Please know that improving our mail service is our top priority. Our administrators have been doing some extensive testing on a new load balancing system (which balances out the load of incoming and outgoing mail requests) in order to alleviate the issues we’ve been seeing as well as improve overall performance. Our admins plan to implement the new system this week. You can check here for details and information on completion:

We sincerely apologize for the trouble and appreciate your continued

Matt C

Hi Matt,

Could you please give an indication as to when you’re performing the same maintenance for Sub3 cluster?

Hope it will really improve…

We are having the very same issues - Dreamhost email not working has become a running joke in our office.

However now we find our emails being returned as “blocked”. Seems our Dreamhost IPs (which are dedicated) are seen as Blacklisted. No word from Dreamhost on how to resolve it. I would never recommend Dreamhost to anyone. Almost giddy about going to Gmail, which has never, ever had connection problems. And! they have a junk folder that actually catches true spam. Thank god for choices.


I just started experiencing the ‘undelivered return to sender’ issue to, but only to certain emails, like Apples and

Yes, we were specifically having issues with and emails as well. I presented the issue to Dreamhost and they were able to contact Proofpoint and have the IPs whitelisted again. Thank goodness. However, our spam is still out of control. We are receiving spam at email addresses which have never been made public, which really worries me, as they have never, ever received spam. Because it says to me that either Dreamhost is selling our email addresses to spammers, or someone has hacked into their system.

Spam is constant now. Of course, Dreamhost spam filters are terrible, we have already used up our allotment of blacklist emails, which they make difficult to do anyway - as you have to go to separate panel, can’t do it from webmail inbox. ugh. Gmail, soon!

I’m finding dreamhost email service beyond unreliable. Since switching over we’ve had a marked increase in SPAM, severely delayed SMTP sends, send quota limits being reached well before the allotted number, multiple smtp server errors per hour, and generally a horrible experience. At this point the only option is to find another hosting provider, as I don’t have the time to deal with the complaints I get from our users on a daily basis. Not even having a support telephone number should’ve been a red flag, unfortunately I didn’t realize that until after we signed up.

Email seems to be the main problem of dreamhost now that hosting is very reliable, so maybe they just need more time and investment ?

I’ve been a long time DH customer and seen them go through many ups and downs. I have always found support helpful if not always timely. Up until Google started charging for email hosting at your domain, I used to set my clients up with that automatically. With one of my current clients I had to use DH email. They have about 20 people in their organization. They have had nothing but trouble—particularly with their mail server IPs getting blocked by ATT, Comcast, Hotmail and others. I’ve run my own email server in the past so I know about the challenges but I have never seen this happen so much with any provider I have been with. My clients come to me because they want web sites, email and more and they don’t want to deal with all the tech. They don’t understand why they their contacts receive emails one day but not the next. They particularly don’t understand why I have to submit a support ticket for each block and wait several days for there contacts to get their emails. I have been dealing with DH support on this issue while trying to explain that this is unacceptable service. While they have been very responsive and even escalated my ticket up the food chain, at the end of the day I got no satisfaction or solution. The higher up guy just told me the party line about how the IPs were no longer being blocked. Since their final report my client has continued to experience a new set of blocked emails. Imagine if you will what it would be like to know that on any given day when you are trying to do timely communication through email that you have to accept that it is a 50/50 chance that you will be blocked by anyone you send to. Then for each one, you have to submit a support ticket with a copy of the returned email and wait 2-3 days before you can send to the particular person again. I asked DH: “Certainly everyone else experiences this, what does Gmail, GoDaddy, JustHost, Hotmail, iCloud and many others do and why aren’t they doing this?” They just ignored me and gave a vague reply about how they may attempt to enhance their system. So after many un-billable hours of my time trying to get to the bottom of this for my clients, all I can tell them is “there is no solution and you have to put up with the delays and blocks.” I can handle slow web sites in a shared environment. You can’t expect enterprise level service at this price. But email that is 50/50 when all other inexpensive hosts seem to be doing it much better? Well of course we are now going to move to another host even though I don’t want to. I have no choice. One of the things I will miss about DH is their control panel. I find it much more intuitive and easy to use than cPanel/WHM. But it is what it is as they say…