Shut down by other webhost after a decade, can I move it? How do I move it?

Hope you will understand and perhaps help.

10 years ago I started a message board, open to residents of my community (now 18,000 residents and growing) and it took off. 21,000 posts, 15,000 topics, and known far and wide.

Yesterday, our webhost, FORUMCO, (based in Ireland) advised the hosting service would end, forever, on October 31st of this year. I have spoken to the owner of FORUMCO and there is no chance of a repeal. Thousands of boards and blogs will be deleted as of that date.

I should also point out that I have no real knowledge of the board’s internet structure, other than that they are part of the “Snitz Forums 2000” group, but, Snitz doesn’t host forums, so I am not sure what that means. I have idea as to what language the board uses, how it is set up or how it really operates. I signed up and accepted it as is, or was.

I doubt that I will be able to move the actual forum to a new server as the operating language is likely different (please excuse me for using terms incorrectly, I am not really conversant with the various protocols), but would like to do it as seamlessly as possible.

Any advice and hopefully and help would be greatly appreciated.

While you won’t be able to enter the board, it is located at:

FORUMCO is the host, and they are shutting down all of their forums, both free and paid.


The Snitz Forum 2000 software is open source, so you could run it on a different host, if you can get your current host to give you the database and files for your forum. I don’t think DreamHost supports ASP, but there are other web hosting services that support Windows.

Another option would be to convert to different forum software. For example, people have reported success converting Snitz to phpBB. Again, this requires access to the current forum database (or at least an export of it).

A final option would be to archive the old forum, so at least you’d have a read-only copy for posterity. This could probably be done without help from your current host. Tools such as Wget can download a complete mirror of a site.

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