.shtml files no longer working

Starting early yesterday afternoon, all .shtml pages on my site suddenly stopped loading - all I get is a blank page. I opened a support ticket but haven’t gotten any response yet (not even an automated response that my message was received) - apparently everyone at Dreamhost is on vacation. Does anyone have any idea what may be going on?

They usually get respond within 24 hours. Has anything changed? Like a .htaccess file?


No, not until I noticed the problem and changed the .htaccess file myself to 302 redirect a couple of high-traffic .shtml files to their .html copies (unfortunately without working server-side includes).

Additionally, I had XBitHack set to on in my .htaccess file so I could use SSI’s on my index.html home page - I removed that as well (so that my home page would no longer be blank).