Showing user quota on squirrel


I have my own copy of squirrelmail installed. I would like to know if anyone here is able to show the user quota.

If yes, which plugin did you use?


A simple Google search gave me this:

Have you tried this?

I don’t bother with quotas. Especially for email. I’ve never heard of a person legitimately filling up their Gmail 2 Gig quota.


I have tried this one but i didn’t worked.

I don’t know if it was my mistake or if the DH IMAP server doesn’t have quota compatibility (as required on the plugin). Do you know something about this?

I’ll try to install it again and will come back here posting the results.

Thanks for your answer.

Again, I don’t use quotas, so I’ve never experimented. My mail client, Mail for the Mac, does show that my mail account supports quotas, but can’t show status since my quotas are turned off.