Show links from RSS

I want to know if there are some easy way to show links from a RSS feed like it’s shown by this page:

I didn’t see any “links from an RSS feed” on the page you linked. :frowning:

Do you want to build a whole page of links from feeds similar to those that presents, or just a section of links on a page? What precisely do you want to do?


Sorry for my english. I want to create just a section of links on a page, taken from a feed.

No probelm! I understand now what you are looking for, and there are lots of ways to do that. How “easy” it is depends a bit on your expertise with scripts, but if you follow the instructions carefully, both of these methods work well:

  1. MagpieRSS is a mature and popular collection of scripts to enable this, and comes with good installation documentation and example code for embedding such lists of links in your page.

  2. Feed2js is another approach (also uses magpieRSS) which gives you a lot of flexibility and provides some really nice tools for building lists of feed links for inclusion in your site. You can create code on the Feed2js site, or install you own Feed2js generator at DH. It also has good documentation and you can experiment with the results right on the site. I really like this one!. :wink:

Hopefully, one of these solutions will meet your needs. There are several others, but I highly recommend each of these, as I have used them myself and am happy with their results.


Ah… until now I developed my own RSS parser. Never know on these solutions, seems great. Well, although it’s not me who started this thread but I think I too will benefitting from this info.

Thanks rlparker !


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That’s great! To me, that is one of the greatest things about the Forums, and why I prefer them to IRC and email exchanges.

Of course, the primary goal is always to help the original poster, but it is great when others find the information useful as well! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve install Feed2js and it works fine. It’s exactly that I looking for. Thanks a lot :).

You are welcome, and I am glad you found Feed2js to meet your needs. :slight_smile: