Shoutcasting Possible?

I’m trying to set up nullsofts shoutcast on my server. I have all the files untarred in /home/.capreesch/username/ ; i have done basic configuration, and created a folder in /shoutcast called “content”, which currently contains a single file called music.mp3

After starting the server, i’ve tried connecting to it via, http://website.ip.address:port/shoutcast/content/music.pls, and likewise with the /shoutcast and/or the /content omitted. Regardless of what i do, it always says “Invalid Resource”, which seems to be the equiv of a 404.

The readme says i should put it in my /user/local/shoutcast, but if it’s in local, how do i get the IP address for that since my website can’t find it? Can i stream off my website or do i have to stream directly off Cortez?

Running a ShoutCast server is not allowed on DH shared servers, as indicated in the DH Terms Of Service (see paragraph 7 under Material Products) which says, in part “Any application that listens for inbound network connections (even if the application would otherwise be allowed) are not permitted”.

This is further clarified in the DH Wiki article on Persistent Processes, where it says, in part,“Streaming Audio or Video servers of any kind are not allowed on shared hosting servers.”

In short, while you might be able to get it to work, doing so would be a ToS violation and, as such, I encourage you to abandon the attempt. :wink: