Shout Box

hi i installed shout box from
i followed all the instruction and for some reasons, the shout box doesnt work properly.
it doesnt show anything i typed but it saves the text into the database.

just wondering is it because dreamhost compability matter?
anyone can help?

thats such a vague, way for help :slight_smile:

What kind of shoutbox did you download?
You didn’t give enough information for people like me to understand how to solve the problem :slight_smile:

We need more information on such matter :slight_smile:

Oh, you missed the best part: you have to register at that website to download what he is talking about. I’m surprised you didn’t see an example of what he is talking about; it is a box with scrolling text and a gradient background, and uses a bit of JavaScript.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Shout Box - Minimum Requirements

This is the minumum requirements to to run this shout box properly.
It is ok to have a version higher than what is stated here.

PHP-Nuke: v6.5
PHP: v4.3.0
Javascript enabled in user’s browser.
Cookies enabled in user’s browser.
A database. mySQL is a good choice.
Your version of PHP was compiled with support for the PCRE library, and the PCRE library is installed on your web server.

does dreamhost has the minimum requirement for this? O_O