Should It Take This Long?

Alright, I’m starting to get worried. I registered for my DreamHost “Crazy Domain Insane!” web-hosting account on Monday, April 16th. And I sent in a MONEY ORDER, now usually, this would take 1 to 2 weeks right? Well its kinda’ taking a while. I still havnt gotton an email from Dream Host and I still can’t do anything with my account.

Now, I know with money orders it usually takes a while, but I mean I’m kinda starting to get angry. I want my hosting, I’ve waited over a week and am wondering how much longer must I wait untill I recieve the email from DreamHost and am able to use my hosting?

When I log in (and can’t do anything yet of course) it says something along the lines of “This account is still pending. If you have already made payment your account show be activiated within one bussiness day”. Well I check it yesterday and it said that, I checked it again today (many times) and it still says that! Today is Thursday mind you.

So how much longer must I wait? They must have recieved my money order by now…

Your best bet, would be to contact support (via the control panel) and ask them to look into it for you. From what I’ve read in the past, it seems sometimes things get hung-up in the process, and it just takes a quick message to support to get it going quickly :wink:

Hmmm, I think I will. I’ll wait untill tommorow, if at 4:00PM EST I don’t have recieve an email or I don’t have access to what I payed for, I’ll take your advice and send an email via the control panel.

I’m having the same darn problem! I sent my money order in almost 2 weeks ago.
Contacted the 3 times now, and still have yet to hear anything.
Hope this gets solved soon.

Hmmmm. Well, if I dont get an email from them by tommorow I’m contacting support. By the time I get my hosting it’ll be time for my second payment! >:O

Hmmm, lemme see now…one week = 7 days, so 2 weeks = 14 days…April 16th plus 14 days is April 30th…what is today? April 27? If it does take “one to two weeks”, things may actually still be on track.

Contacting the support is the way to go, I’m sure they will get you sorted out! :wink:


Thanks. I just really want my hosting, and don’t wanna pay with a credit card, and DreamHost is awesome because I hear its some of the best hosting possible, and it lets me pay with money order (perfect!) so I just really want my hosting. I hope things work out!

Edit: Actually, I believe it was two weeks, but two bussiness-day weeks, so not including Sat-Sun. So in that case, two weeks is up next Tues.

I GOT IT! And love it!

Congratulations. Welcome to DreamHost!

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Its very simple being bored when you’re waiting for something to get for even a simple moment. The problem is the money order system. Its very slow. I already said on another thread that it would be best if DH’d get a payment support via ‘Western Union Money Transfer’. It’d be best alternative to money order for foreigners not having a credit card. As there’s a way to suggest DH,i’d like request existing customers make a SUGGESTION and vote for it. However, Misho welcome to DH :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I on the other hand am still waiting…