Should I stay or should I go now?

Well, I’m moving one of my domains and am wondering if I should move them all…or give DH another chance? Does anyone here think DH will ever be an anxiety-free hosting company… or are these nightmares going to continue?

I’m probably going to bail, even though they do have a great deal… such a shame. But, I’m guessing the reason income has been down is perhaps half the people out there can’t get to my sites.

Who knows… all I know is this place be makin’ me pretty anxious lately… :open_mouth:

It is a tough decision, I agree. My thought is, for the site(s) still here, there seems to be little to lose by sticking it out at least a couple of more days to see if the router work scheduled for tonight results in a positive change.

If that truely fixes things, then “great” ; if not - it should be obvious within a day or so. :wink:


ugh…i forgot about the downtime tonight… well, let’s see…maybe i give them one more chance? Hell, just put give me a straightjacket and stick me in a rubber room and give me a bunch of meds… that would be better. :smiley: