Should i preload the pages?

Hi, I just got my first site up, it’s, the way i have it set up is a frame inside the page. However, when i go to the site and move to different pages within the site, it takes a split second for the frame to load and it makes an annoying white flash where the frame is. Can someone look at it and maybe tell me how to fix it? Please try to make it simple. Thank You!

I don’t recommend using frames, for many reasons. Jakob Nielsen wrote a great summary: that you should check out.
Preloading your content also doesn’t make much sense as it won’t solve the fundamental problem. Besides, you’ll have to preload practically everything and that means that the point of preloading is gone – the part that user X will click on hasn’t been loaded by the time he requests it.

My suggestion is to stick with a normal, frameless, straightforward page design.

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I know this has thread has been up for a while but it looks like no changes have been made to the ref. page since the original post.

It looks like your have a frame inside the page. This is the reason for the white flash - i.e., the page is reloading each time you change.

In theory the content is usually inside the frame, not frame inside the page. Is this really what you are trying to do?