Should I migrate my website from shared hosting to VPS?

Currently, I am using shared hosting as a friend suggest me to start your business with shared hosting and after some time when getting traffic to migrate to VPS hosting.
Now My website has about 5 to 6 users per day, I have loaded my website with lots of CSS and plugins because user experience matters also am using high-resolution images.
Should I go for VPS hosting, Is VPS will Improve my sites speed, currently my website is slow.

things I am using on my website.
Generate press premium.
wp smush
wp rocket
shortcode ultimate.
security plugins
social share plugins
related post plugin


Shared hosting is enough for the site since the traffic is only 5-6!
The plugins you installed is OK for normal sites and won’t affect your speed! You can get higher score if with a CDN services!


Unlimited Shared Hosting provides “the best bang for your buck” here at DreamHost. Once a website grows enough to require more memory then you can upgrade it seamlessly to VPS or Dedicated.

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i have integrate free Cloud flare , can you please suggest me a paid one.

I will try for sure thanks dor your kind response

Yes you should migrate it. I am using it. So far going to great and well.

I want to migrate my site. can someone please let me know how to do this?
Here is my site link please check.
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