Shot in the dark - how to transfer from a non-responsive webhost

good day everyone,

the long and short of it is i am trying to transfer my husband’s website to my dreamhost account, as the company he is currently hosted at is going under in a week or so. it was very short notice so there wasn’t time to prepare.

the company, gearworx, has had a lot of issue in the past and i begged him to move when he had the chance. now, with his domain with their service and a private whois service in place, it seems difficult to transfer it. the panel is extremely limited as to what you can do with the domain (we’ve unlocked it as per the wiki’s tands reg suggestions) but am unable to locate an authorization code, nor find out how to remove the private reg settings. i come to dh’s forums looking for advice since their support has become non existent in this time.

we might be s.o.l. but i come seeking advice. is there anything dh can do to help get a domain transferred from a company that will be closing soon and will not answer our support pleas? his domain is not technically scheduled to expire, but i don’t know what to expect from a company who’s going out of business.

thanks for any help or advice.

I suggest that you contact Support here right away. They might be able to help walk you through the process.

This mirrors my problem. A domain name registered in my name, with a correct contacht phone # and email, but the hosting company sold it off years ago to a place in Germany and I have been unable to contact them and get it “unlocked”. The domain registration is due to expire in a few days. Can I renew the registration myself (as I am the registrant - and if so, how) without the assistance of the @#*&!@ company who has it hostage? I just want to get the domain renewed and hosting transferred to Dreamhost.

Without access to your domain registration, there’s not much you can do. Maybe Support can give you some pointers. Waiting for it to expire and then re-registering it is risky.

Excuse my ignorance, but if I AM the registrant in name, address, phone & email, why do I or should I have no access? I will put this together as a query for support, but I also appreciate the general community responses.

You made it sound like you can’t initiate a transfer because the registrar is unreachable.

Domains are like renting an apartment. It doesn’t really belong to you. You’re paying for the right to use that name for your website. If the apartment owner goes out of business, you could be evicted.

Your bio here doesn’t say which domain it is, so I don’t know the registrar. All I can suggest is that you do everything you can to contact the registrar before your registration expires. It may even take a long distance phone call.

p.s. As I’m thinking about this, can you log into your account at the registrar? If you can log in, you should be able to get the auth code and unlock your domain.