Shopping around for a new webhost


I am writing to inquire further details about DreamHost’s web hosting package.

I am currently hosting 5 forums (MyBB and phpBB), a wiki (MediaWiki) and a website at Globat has proven to be a terrible host.

I’m looking for a package that will give me unlimited space and bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited databases, SSL for my websites and forums, protection against DDoS attacks, and excellent uptime.

I am not an advanced user, and will need quite a bit of tech support. I will need help to migrate everything from my current host (1660.36 MB). I have 57 MySQL databases in the account that will need to get moved over too. (My problem here is that many years ago, before I started getting the hang of being a webmaster, I started installing a bunch of things and then deleted the folders instead of uninstalling them… so now I have a rat nest of databases and I don’t know which ones are the ones I am using and which ones I can archive or delete).

I’m used to using cPanel, generally.

If I were to sign up for services here, what would be the best package for my needs?

thanks for evaluating DreamHost, I’ll try to give you an answer :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed in your request is that you don’t say how much traffic your sites use, and what your current package is providing: are you using a VPS now or a shared hosting account?

If your sites don’t have much traffic, you may be able to run all that on a Shared hosting plan and see if that’s enough… If not, you can grow to a VPS or dedicated, eventually. You may want to start by migrating one of your services at the time, to make sure the Shared hosting plan is a good fit.

You’ll get free SSL certificates with all DreamHost domains, and you can add CloudFlare basic DDoS protection to your sites, too. See

DreamHost doesn’t use cPanel but has its own control panel (you can read about its features and see some screenshots on the Knowledge Base

To identify which databases are being used, you may want to check the configuration files of the services you’re running. Go inside myBB, phpBB and MediaWiki and look for the database names specified in the various config.php/ini etc. Then backup the databases that are not listed there, and remove them one by one, check that all your sites are still working and continue until you have only the databases you’re actually using :slight_smile:

I hope this helps you get an idea of DreamHost capabilities.