Shifted to US-East 2 Cluster



Hello DreamHost,

I have shifted my applications/services to a new instance on US-East 2 cluster and terminated the old instance on US-East 1. I have also released the old floating IP address associated with old instance (US-East 1).
My dream host web panel ( shows the ‘View Dashboard’ options for both clusters but I won’t be using the US-East 1 cluster anymore.
Can you please confirm if I need to cancel my subscription for the US-East 1. I don’t see any option for that. Should I presume that terminating the old instance and releasing the old IP did the job and I won’t get charged for this cluster anymore?


Since the new billing model is usage-based, if you aren’t using anything in US-East 1, then you won’t be charged. I would suggest making sure the drop-down menus show the defaults like “1 (included)” for floating ips, and “100GB (included)” for disk. That’s it! Enjoy US-East 2!


Thanks Justin. I am glad that I shifted to US-East 2.