Shift Hosting from One account to another


I have a situation, where I have an account with DH with a PS. This account has a number of domains/websites being hosted on it.

I want to set up a second account with DH and move some domains/hosting to this account from the first account.

2 reasons I want to do this.
a) I want to separate business from pleasure domains/hosting.
b) I want to move some domains/hosting off of the account with the PS to reduce the load on my PS as only one account is actually paying for the PS but all are benefiting/suffering.

Is this possible?
If so who / how should I contact someone to move the domains/hosting?
Did I read in a newsletter somewhere that I can manage multiple accounts in my Web Panel?


It’s been done, but you’d need the help of Support to switch domains to this second account. Be cautioned that you can not create this second account with a Promo code, as they won’t let a returning customer use promo codes.

The panel looks like it can manage multiple accounts (hosting plans) but most haven’t tried it since one account is enough for most of us.

As a consideration, I don’t think you have to have two separate accounts to have non-PS domains. But if you want a solid distinction between accounts, go on ahead and create that second account.


Hey Scott,

Thanks for the speedy reply and tips.

Do you happen to have anymore info on the
"I don’t think you have to have two separate accounts to have non-PS domains. "
part please?

Thank you,

I actually may have confused that with Static IP address, now that I think about it. I’m not a PS user. I don’t even play one on TV.


I was reading something about it in the Wiki the other day regarding multiple accounts and PS/shared setups. Can’t recall in which section it was, but there’s definitely information about dual setups there. Most likely under a PS heading.

Let us know if you find it!

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Lol, Yeah, I have contacted support in regard to the DH PS as I thought they didn’t allow you to separate domains on you PS on one account.

And when I do play on TV I’m normally an xbox360 kinda guy :wink:


Here’s what I was reading:

I’m thinking of splitting some domains too, so please keep us informed.

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Thank you,

I was just reading that page myself and thought “yeah, I didn’t know I could do that.”

Then I checked my next email and found out that, yes, I can NOT do that, but only because I have been a PS user for a while now. Here is the reply from support.

“The recent option to allow customers to split their domains between a PS and shared servers is a new and non-retroactive meaning that we can not extend this option to your PS server.
There are a few options available to get this done, one is to delete the domains you want on a shared server and place them on a new account you
would sign up for using this guides #3 method

The easiest is to downgrade back to a shared server and then sign up for a new PS server and select the option to move the domains you select at a later time, the only downside to this is that you have to go through the sign up process again. Let us know if you would like to do this and we will get you moved back to a shared server.”

This is why I’m so happy with DH, they are always improving and offering those little things that make managing your server better.

One reason I was using a PS was to run a Daemon in the background. I guess downgrading is going to remove all that, no big deal though.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the extra info. I emailed Support a query too.

[quote]> I would like clarification that I can elect to attach a VPS onto my

[quote]existing account and move the domains of my choice onto the VPS, as
indicated in the Wiki at


Or would I need to setup a secondary “standalone” account for the VPS and
have the specific domains/users transferred via Support channels? Dumping
the whole shooting match over in one foul swoop is not an option I’m
willing to undertake.


Nope, you wouldn’t need a second account. We allow customers to order the
PS in addition to their shared hosting plan and migrate the domains as
they choose (though they can opt for a PS-only plan as well).[/quote]
Can’t deny it, these blokes rock!

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So what happened was slightly different than what they told me in the first few emails. But the GOOD news is that it became even easier.

My situation was a little different as I’ve had a PS from very early on so I was on the old system where you were unable to have domains on shared and PS hosting under the same account.

So with a request to support, eventually I found out that they were able to upgrade my PS hosting account so I’m now able to have 1 account with domains on shared and PS hosting.

No need to cancel and reapply or anything silly like that, they were able to do it all internally.

The only slow point for me was the ftp transfer of downloading the site from the old user and then uploading it to the new user.

NOTE: BACKUP your site BEFORE going through the new user process. I had some interesting results with the “tick this box to copy your site to the new user” Do not rely on this feature yet!

The other good news is that I’m already seeing a load decrease on my PS which makes it all the more worth while.

Keep up the great work DH!