What do I put for FTP/shellname?!?

never mind

The best questions are the ones you can answer yourself. :wink:

For the benefit of others that may be searching the forum in the future; the user-name you use to log-in via FTP or the Shell is any of the valid usernames you have configured in the panel. You can list the valid users by going to Users -> Manage Users in the panel.

Note: If you intend to upload files for a particular domain, you must log-in using the user that controls that domain.
Note2: You need to enable Shell access for a particular user to log-in via SSH.


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welcome to DH and have fun to explore in DH panel!

As mark mentioned, you can create any valid user name in Manage users section. If you want to know more about the control panel in DH, you can refer to this article

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