So let me blow your minds with how big a newb I can be. How do I use shell? (I bet I even butchered the question :slight_smile: I have a user designated as a shell user. I also looked it up on the dreamhost wiki and looked over some brief unix commands. I can see plenty of examples of how to move files, etc. once I am connected to the site BUT I want to know how I make my macbook gain access to where my site is. I’m running terminal on my macbook. So can someone give me an example of the very first thing I’d type into terminal to “log into” my dreamhost server? Thanks sooooo much.


Sure. Type:

Replace “yourusername” and “” with your username and your domain name, of course. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a domain associated with the user you’re trying to connect to, you can substitute in “”. (Substituting “yourmachinename” for the name of the hosting server you’re on, again.)


Thanks a bunch! That works great! Can you now tell me how I might access my databases via shell so that I can upload a good database and overwrite a bad one? I’m having size issues (too large) to use phpadmin. I can do most things via ftp but those darn mySQL databases are tricky. Thanks.


phpMyAdmin also allows you to input custom SQL code. Your databases are separate from your servers, unless you are using DreamHost PS. Which plan are you using?


I really, appreciate your help. I was able to create the backups using phpAdmin and restore the necessary database backups using shell and dreamhosts wonderful support :slight_smile: (I stress dreamhosts wonderful support:)

One inquiry that you did say though that I am very interested in. You said that phpMyAdmin allows you to input custom SQL code. Is this where I could run a SQL query from? Is this where I would execute a SQL command on the database from? Thanks!