Shell - Where is the directory location for Subdomains?

I was creating a subdomain to my website named using the 1-click installer. I want to change the LocalSettings.php in the wikimedia directory which was created (and works)

Where can I find the subdomain in the home directory? I was searching all directories using shell. Can’t seem to find subdirectories in /home/max_welf/ nor /home/max_welf/

If you did the Easy install, you’ll never find it, as it’s hosted outside of your home directory.

If it’s the Advanced One-Click, then it will be in your home directory. Subdomain run in parallel with standard domains. You’ll see folders for and in the same spot. That is, if you set them both up under the same Owner (FTP user with a home directory).


Thanks, Scott. I am glad I asked! I will re-install it with advanced mode and upload the sites I already published.