Shell script bring auto-killed - how to unblock it?


Good evening, all.

I have me a small situation with the shell: I have a BASH script that runs periodically via crontab and earlier today I started getting e-mails that the process was being terminated. I logged in to see what’s going on and it seems that the script got messed up somehow: it kept on running much longer than it should and crontab kept on spawning copies of it, clogging the process list. That’s bad, obviously, and I’m glad that the script was stopped from further bogging down the server until I could fix it.

So I modified the script to hopefully avoid such issues in the future, but it’s still being auto-killed by the system (at least when I use the same filename), so I was wondering what should I do to release the block that was imposed on it.

For now, I just renamed the script, so it works, but what should I do if I wish to unblock the old name? Do I have to contact someone? Run some command? Or is it automatic?..

Thanks in advance.


if there is a blacklist for scripts then support would be able to remove that entry. explain to them that you’ve modified the script via the support channel.