Shell says 5.2 phpinfo() says php5.3

I’m a windows developer and program & design at the high level not low level. Just started learning linux commands and file systems, as well as how Dreamhost has them laid out.

I have been trying to install Composer & Zend Framework, I’m new to linux commands and file system.

Currently I’ve ran into an issue where Composer is saying I’m not running 5.3 when I curl for it, a quick $php -v shows its running PHP 5.2.17 (cli). In Dreamhost manager it shows 5.3.x FastCGI & doing a quick phpinfo() on the main page it shows up with PHP Version 5.3.13.

It is not a dedicated server so I’m assuming the server’s shell is set to 5.2 and there is some script somewhere that tells my website to utilize the php5.3 FastCGI or what ever libary it happens to be set to. So with that assumption I’m going to assume there is a command I use to point to the 5.3 library or that I have to manually install Composer in a specific location.

The settings in the Panel for PHP versions only affect the web server. They do not affect the shell. If you want a specific version of PHP there, you have to ask for it by name, otherwise you get the (old-ish) default of PHP 5.2:

Thank you for such a fast response!

So it is like I thought its because the website gets pushed through a script. so instead of using

I’d use


I just tried that and I’m now getting a phar extension is missing which I remember reading about that happening sometimes. I’ll try and figure out how to enable phar.

Create a phprc file for the user and add:

Thank you, finally figured out I had to not only add the extension but whitelist it as well, then I had a 10 minutes of wtfing because I had " " and it couldn’t find it xD Thank you guys for the help