Shell PHP keep change back to 5.6?

What is wrong with this Dreamhost? I’m using Laravel and I ssh to server to change the version of PHP to 7.1 and upon an exit and relogin the ssh, The PHP version GOES BACK TO 5.6

What is wrong? I need to export php 7.1 to the bashrc every session.

The default PHP in /usr/bin/php is 5.6, but 7.1 is available at /usr/bin/php-7.1. How are you going about changing the version?

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Probably the top How to on the Google search result.

Anyway, Thank you for the reply. I already going with Digital Ocean hosting since they offer Root access + Postgresql and other good stuff for 5$ a month.

FYI DreamHost also offers root access (unmanaged VPS) with DreamCompute :slight_smile:

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