Shell password not recognised

Hi - I’m new to shell, I’m using OSX (Terminal)

I get as far as

*****’s password:

I enter the password that is associated with that user but it doesn’t recognise it:

Permission denied, please try again.

I’ve set the user to a shell account. bin/bash

what else can I try? surely that is the correct password?

Are you sure you’re using your shell account username and password and not your panel username and password?

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hi, I’m using my panel un & pw - which is also the same login for my ftp

I simply turned on shell for that user

Do I need to create another account?

Your setup looks correct to me. Shell name & password is the exact same as FTP. However, it’s possible it takes time for the change to take effect. If all else fails, contact Support.


Are you able to log into FTP using the username and password?

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yes without any problems

I’ve contacted support so i’ll see what they say


The only thing I can add is that it is possible that for some reason the change to enable ssh hasn’t gone through properly for some reason. You could try changing the user to ftp only again and after a few minutes changing it back to enable shell access.

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