Shell commands Noob Question

Hi, I am a complete noob to remote login to Dreamhost to execute shell commands so forgive my ignorance.

I am trying to create a sitemap for Google web admin tools to use, so that Google can crawl/index my site better. I believe Dreamhost is Unix based, my personal computer is running on Windows XP. I have changed my Dreamhost user account type to shell access. I also downloaded the free Putty SSH client. I now need to connect to the server (home directory of my website) and run a python script provided by Google (ends with .py extension).

I know this sounds a little dumb, but what details do I use to connect? I selected the connection type as RLogin, the port became set to 513 automatically. For the host name, I tried a few combinations of the data I use to connect using ftp, to no avail. I got a blank command window which disappeared immediately. The host name I use for ftp is

Could someone kindly post sample connection details for …, username: user1, password: pass1 on that host. Is the port correct? I am not sure what the protocol prefix is, clearly it isnt “ftp://”…

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

use the same hostname as you do for ftp (looks like that would be, and use SSH for connection type. that should set the port to 22. click open and it should ask you “login as:” which is your ftp username (assuming that’s also the account you gave shell access to), then it will ask you for your password so enter that. you’ll then be in the /home/yourusername/ directory.

track7 - my dream-hosted site

Thanks, it works now. :o)

Appreciate the help!