Shell and Changing Permissions

I’m not new, but this sounds like a beginner’s question to me, since it’s been so long since I used Telnet. How do I access my site to change file permissions? I tried doing it through WS_FTP, and it would appear to change them, but when I went back to the directories for which I wanted the permissions changed, they were back to 644.

I asked using the live help and was told I needed to use a shell (first question: Why? My FTP lets me set up permissions, so is there a reason DreamHost doesn’t allow it?). Then I opened up a Telnet window and realized, I don’t remember how to do that anymore! I typed “telnet” and “telnet” and both were called invalid commands. I really need to know how to change directory permissions in Telnet. I’ve gone almost completely blank.

And just to answer another question, if I used a different FTP client (say, CuteFTP), would I still need to access the shell via Telnet or whatever program I should be using? Thanks!

If you want to manage file permission in shell, here are the articles.

Thanks…guess I have to go relearn some stuff. :slight_smile: