Shell account / mailbox

When creating a user… there is a chance to select what domain is his mailbox…

So you have a shell user / mailaccount, unless yo select “No mail thanks”

There is some way to enable the user mailbox from the panel?

Or the only way is to create a mailbox for that user?

Let me tell the whole history… I created a user… and tested with a domain when my new domain was online I add my new domain and changed the things to his new directory (phpnuke in this case)… and I was checking the mail via imap on my home machine… (mostly errors and warnings) then i deleted the domain, but happens to be that my original shell account had is mailbox there… I have created a new mailbox for my user one that is mXXXX but looks like these doesn’t receive the messages of the phpnuke…

What i can do?
Create a new user for the new domain and move all things there?

Ask support to reenable my older mailbox?

Anyother ideas?


Our support team can re-enable the mailbox associated with the user that doesn’t have one now.

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