Shell access through OSX Terminal

I am attempting to modify permissions on several folders in a subdomain however I am having trouble editing them.

Here is what I am doing where “sub” and “domain” are changed to my own values:

[soy]$ chown 767

I get the following:

chown: changing ownership of `’: Operation not permitted

Am I not allowed to change the permissions to be writeable by all?

A little background as to why I need to do this. I am attempting to install a CMS - - because I would like to be able to offer my clients an open source CMS that will meet their needs. I’ve not done this on dreamhost before, so I’m not sure what their policies are.

Whats the deal?

Is that a typo? You need chmod to change file/directory permissions, not chown. chown lets you change the group the file/direcotires belong to.

  • wil

See actually that isn’t a typo, but you’re right, chmod is what I was thinking I should use. However, the installation instructions of this CMS said I should use chown and now, even though I have tried to change permissions with chmod I am having trouble uploading files through the CMS.

I know this isn’t very specific, but I guess I’m just not experienced enough doing this to know exactly what is wrong.

Can anyone give me a crash course on changing permissions on a folder in your site so that it is writeable by all??

You pretty definitely don’t want to use 0767. You might want to use 0777 in certain cases, although it should be avoided (it will allow anyone on your server to create or modify files in that directory, which is quite probably something you don’t want).