Shell Access Revisited


I’ve been using telnet to access my sites because when I first tried SSH I couldn’t get in. Recently, I’ve read posts about using SSH and how to log on but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly. I use PuTTY, click the SSH radio button and click “open”. When I tried to login with it gives me an access denied message and then requests the password for So I try logging in without the and I get in but how do I know I’m accessing via SSH and not telnet? Is there some way I can tell if I’ve done it correctly? It still looks like telnet to me.



Thanks, Bob. It’s probably because I don’t know how to use PuTTY. I’ve been using it for several months but only for telnet since I thought I didn’t have SSH access (now I know differently). Do you log in to your or do you log in to the server ( I can’t seem to find instructions in the knowlegebase on how to use SSH for DH so I guess it’s time to read some documentation.



Thanks, Bob. Much appreciated!