Shell access/database moving trouble

Okay, this is a long story, so please bear with me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My friend has recently gotten fed up with her host and switched to Dreamhost because she heard all the nice things I’ve said about it (love you guys)… She doesn’t have trouble with moving her regular sites, it’s just her message boards. She hates mysql and databases and the like, and doesn’t know much of anything about them… Of course, I’m not too far from being the same way.

I know how to dump the tables and write them back up onto another database, it’s just that the message board is too BIG to do it like that. I tried splitting it up, but some tables are over 7MB themselves, and that’s with them being gzipped.

So I read around on the Knowledge Base and stuff and learned that I need to do it via shell. Well, I don’t know anything about shell. I tried numerous times to even sign ON, and I can’t do it. Later I read that the username had to be on So I guess I have a few questions that I’d hug anybody to have the answers to:

  • When using the shell, which host to I connect to? The main domain, or the database host name? (example: for the database)
  • Can somebody break down the shell input for a gzipped database? I’ve read it in like, three different places, but all the letters and symbols are just KJFK:LAJ:FLA to me.

Sorry if I’m asking obvious and easy questions. I’ve tried everything in my avaliable knowledge to do it myself, but it’s just too advanced for me. Step by step easy to understand stuff would be VERY much appreaciated. I love you guys. <3

Thank you! I finally got it to work!

Love you! ^___^