Sheeba Store




Have any of you tried out the Sheeba Store that ISSA/Jane Sibery is distributing to indie artists for pay what you can or free? I received the beta template, but I’m not to clear on SSL or MySQL stuff, so I’m wondering if anyone has tried it and can help.




It would be hard to say what might be involved without seeing the code. What license is it distributed under (I couldn’t find that in the FAQ on the site)?



Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, it’s distributed under GNU General Public License. I think that’s what you’re referring to. Here’s where I put it, Everything is visible there, I’d imagine. I think it could be really good thing for a lot of musicians, etc., so I really appreciate you looking at this. Maybe when it’s out of beta DH can do a 1-click install for us on the slow end of things.




Ah! Ok, that helps a lot. It actually looks like a straightforward modification of osCommerce, so you should not have any trouble getting it running.

As for the SSL stuff, you can get guidance on that from the DreamHost wiki:

As for the MySQL stuff, DreamHost makes the creation of a MySQL database (for use with the sheebastore osCommerce template package) very easy. You can create if from the web panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL screens. Once you have done that, you can take the information from there to include in the configuration section of the store.

Well, you never can tell, but you might want to know that DreamHost abandoned the previously existing “one-click” installation of osCommerce in favor of ZenCart a while back. Maybe someone has cobbled (or can cobble) together a similar template for ZenCart.

Good luck with your project! :slight_smile: