Sharing my hosting?

I’m a bit confused. I have two domains on my DH hosting plan and I know I can have more. My friend wants a website and I told her she could host it on my DH hosting plan. How do I go about allowing her to have her own domain but not give her access to my stuff? Do I first create a user for her, then have her sign in to that and register her domain? How do I prevent her from seeing my billing information, accessing my sites, etc? Thanks.

You can only do this if you didn’t sign up for the current Unlimited Disk and Transfer plan. So if you’re on one of the regular plans, read on…

I’d create an FTP/Shell user for her, then set up her domain as Fully Hosted, as owned by that user you just created. You can give her limited access to the panel here without giving her access to your billing, sites, etc.

Otherwise, she’ll just have access to only her website directory, plus any email accounts you set up for her. If she needs a database, you can set that up, too, with its own user.


Thanks for the reply!
I will set up my friend as a new user and then adjust her privileges. But when I go to “Account Privileges,” only three of the 14 users I have are listed. How do I adjust privileges of my other users? Thanks.

When I go to Account Privileges, I only see one name, and that’s the one and only person I’ve done that for (a family member).

If you click on “Grant Privileges to a New Person,” you can add the email address (which will be that person’s Web ID here) and temporary password to set things up.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so I may have to clarify my first post. The FTP user is just for adding content. The Web ID will be for handling hosting administrative issues (i.e. Account Privileges).



I signed up for the current promotion but I would like to have multiple users with their own domains / subdomains.

Is that not possible with the current promotion?

Really what I would like to do is host a number of my friends.
Some of them will have their own domains and some will use a subdomain under my domain.

I signed up for the unlimited transfer/unlimited space so that I have the option of hosting people…
If I cannot host other people I would be very disappointed.

The Terms of Service to which you agreed specifically says:
“Here are some specific examples of things not allowed:
Reselling (or giving away) access to your account to others.”

There was a case where someone was in a similar situation and Support switched them to the standard plan, which still has tons of space and bandwidth. But lets you share with your friends.


I think I got it but I still have a question. My friend still needs to register her domain. Should she do that through DreamHost? Once she has registered, how do I let her host her domain in my hosting plan? Thanks for the help.

The domain can be registered anywhere. Just set the name servers to:

You just need to add the domain to your hosting account in the control panel.

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Sounds great. Thanks for the help.