Sharing ftp access

I was going to start messing with groups to try to share FTP access, and it said “read this article if you are just trying to share FTP access for your site between multiple users” but the article didn’t exist, and I couldn’t find anything on the subject.

Is there a way to give two ftp users access to a site without messing with groups?

I don’t even think you can give two FTP users access to a site even if you do mess with groups.

FTP logs you into your own home directory with no way to jump to another user’s home directory. But SFTP (via SSH) will allow this.

You have a few options, though:

  1. Have both users log in with the same account so they both have full access.

  2. You can re-map a site subdirectory to point a directory in the other user’s account:

  3. Mess with groups: