Sharing files with AjaXplorer


I am really a beginner, so sorry in advance for this question.
I would like to share files uploaded on AjaXplorer.

When I use the button “share files”, it creates an URL, but when I send it to someone, this person can’t download it (“impossible to access server”).
According to AjaXplorer, there are requirements to enable the function :
This is what they say :

“1- you need MCrypt php extension enabled (for cyphering the data of the publiclets). It’s very common on shared hosts, and a simple extension activation in the php.ini if you’re running the server.
2 - you need the PUBLIC_DOWNLOAD_FOLDER to be correctly defined in the configuration file, pointing to an existing and writeable folder. By default, AjaXplorer is installed with this configuration pointing to AJXP_INSTALL_PATH/public and the folder is NOT created by default.
3- Finally, of course these features are tightly linked to the filesystem browsing usage of AjaXplorer, so you’ll find them in the FS, FTP, SFTP repositories (among others), but not in the access.mysql repositories, of course. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you are probably not concerned.”

I tried my best to understand what they mean but, honestly, I couldn’t, these three steps remain a mystery for me !!

Could you please give me a little help ?

Thanks a lot in advance !!


It might be #2. Did you create a directory called “public” in your AjaXplorer directory?

Thank you for your answer. Yes I did create this directory, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I’m not too familiar with AjaXplorer - so I just installed it. Version ajaxplorer-core-4.2.3

The public folder in this version is located at /data/public/ and I was able to successfully share the included “AjaXplorer-QuickStart.txt” via Right-Click > Share.

i think the problem i that, u have not installed the Mcrypt extension in your sever.
i guess you need to install the extension into the sever first.

pls refer this two info,

hope u will make it well ^^