Sharing Database users between applications

Hello. I have several platforms all with links from my Joomla site, which is sort of the front door to everything. It would be truly sweet to integrate everything with a single logon, but I guess that is really just not possible with separate softwares?

If I can’t have one seamless login, 2nd best thing would be to at least have a single registration, so that the same login name and p/w can be used on the other applications without having to register seperately for every different part of my web site.

If I use the same mysql database for all of my different apps and the user registers on my joomla site first, then will all those other apps see those same users and allow them to login with the info already registered through Joomla?



If the other apps are programmed to allow them to use a Joomla users system for their own authentication, sure. But the situation with most software is that it stores its users in its own way and would require some programming to adapt to Joomla’s database table structure and other conventions