Sharing an account


Hi there, so this seems to be kinda unique to what I see on the forum so far, I hope someone can clarify. Let me explain my situation:
Myself and 4 other guys split a dreamhost account, that means - we all chipped in, one guy paid for (1) subscription and we each have a domain name w/ storage per user account.
He then gave me access to the web panel with my own user and pass, but to make changes to my stuff once I’m logged in, I have to tab over to his account (the thing on the bottom left).

This is a long way to ask if the person that bought the service and divided up all our space has access to view all my stuff as an administrator even though I have my own login now??

Even more specifically, I set up a directory on my domain with htaccess to privately host files. This becomes quite pointless if my friend can simply go to my user, click the htaccess tab and then view my user/pass for that private directory.

Any clarifications for me? Any ideas about creating a section for myself that is private and known only to myself?


I think you can’t do anything since you are sharing the account with others. Especially when you are not the account owner. The account owner has access to all the domains, databases. You will have to trust each other :slight_smile:

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Well that had been the assumed case… I’d pick passwords I don’t use on other accounts and whatnot, altho I suddenly wanted to put stuff on there that I’d be sure was private so I guess I can’t do that… Well, I can trust them, but… who knows.

thanks for the speedy response


I’ll suggest you to put the issue aside and concentrate on your site first. When you have enough visitors… you should know what to do by then.

For time being, just don’t forget to backup your files and databases.

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