Sharing a hosting service

I have a friend who is a current customer of DH. As a favor, he allows two of my sites on his server.

I would now like to begin some web development projects of my own. Is there a way to set up his account so I am able to access my projects but not get into his?

If so, how would one do this?

The best way to do this would be to create a new Web ID just for you, and then let him “grant access” to you for those parts that he feels are relevant. That will ensure that you don’t get too much access to his stuff, but he will still have complete control over anything you put there. Another way would be to create a user in his plan, but that will not limit you in any way from his stuff.

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I did a knowledgebase search and got this info on adding a webid however the link provided there does not take me to a page where I can add a webid. Can you provide the correct link please?


“Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.”

The first link takes me to the Control Panel with no “Sign Up” link that I can see. THe second “Don’t touch this” link just takes me to the DH Home Page.

“Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.”

I may be a moron, but I am not finding create a new Web ID option in any of the links I have been given or in the one from the knowledgebase search.

“Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.”

in your web panel, go to the Home button, then to Account Priveleges, then “grant priveleges to a new web id”, then Create a web id for…


That seemed to work, we are just waiting for the server to update it now (I hope) :wink:

“Try to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.”

Yes, I now have my two domain sites seperated from the owner of the DH service. TY for your help and assistance.

I do have an issue that I need help with yet.

At the DH Web Panel>Domains>Web I see my two websites listed under, “Web Services for all Domains.”. I now want to configure my local FTP program in preparing for file transfer.

I set FTP for, “Automatic Detect” in Host Type.

User ID and Password are correct.

Do I need to fill in account? I put / here.

I get a login failure message.

My question: When I go back to DH Web Panel>Domains>, and click on, “Go” in the FTP column for the site I want to access, I get a, "Enter Password for TheOwner on ftp://

Again, I am sharing DH server space with The Owner. Can I assume that there is still an access issue for me? I do not know the password for the owner and to access the site I would need his 1) permission granted, or, 2) His password?

Edited to add:
The login failure from my FTP to DH is noted as a 530 login incorrect. If it matters, the DH server is Annie.

If I read (or more accurately: scanned :)) this thread correctly it’s only been discussed in regards to pannel acess, not FTP/shell access?

The Owner would need to make sure that he’s set up a new USER and has specified that those domains are to be hosted in that user’s home directory