Shared web space / ftp

I have a VPS with a main account AAA and added a user BBB, (same group)
I want user BBB to be able to FTP into a subdirectory of AAA.

I.E. BBB able to write into /home/AAA/ directory.

I can’t cd /home/AAA when FTP in with BBB.

I don’t want to share out the AAA credentials.


So there’s a way to create a new user change ownership of the site a custom group etc etc
unsupported and I’m not doing that.

Since no-one answered this is what I did that solves the problem.

I want another account to be able to upload pictures into the site without complete access so what I did is just create ssh keys so AAA can rsync (pull) from BBB the files that it uploads with a cron that runs every 10 minutes.

i.e. AAA cron rsync -a BBB@0:/home/BBB/ftpfiles /home/AAA/ftpfiles

You should be able to set up a symlink, although it’s not a ‘one-click’ solution and requires a bit of command line use:

You might get into file ownership issues with that solution.

that’s actually in my opinion a pretty good method.