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I want to buy DreamHost dedicated severs and sell shared hosting. But here in my country (and almost everywhere worldwide) the majority of the companies have unlimited space, emails, MySQL databases, etc. Almost everything is unlimited.

To be possible to compete with the hosting companies in my country, I need to have the same hosting characteristics (or even better).

I need to know how can I configure the server to be possible to have this kind of offer. What should be the configuration parameters in terms of space, limitations, emails managed (otherwise quickly the server space will be consumed), etc.

Can you help?

Thank you

This isn’t a supported use of our dedicated servers. You’re welcome to try, but we cannot help you with reselling our dedicated servers — you are on your own. (We have our own shared hosting service, after all.)

This was only an information about servers engineering. I am not asking that you say what DreamHost do.

The probability that we become your concurrents its very small, more so this its not the invention of gunpowder. The majority of the hosting companies all over the world are doing this. So, the net result for DreamHost, in the end, if we do our business, will be sell to us more dedicated servers. So the main question for DreamHost should be: Will be better to sell more dedicated servers, or have the very small probability that we became your concurrents in a market that almost everyone are doing the same?

We don’t know at this time how to do it, but soon we will know, because this is not a secret information. We will be clients from a company that will help us to do this; to DreamHost its important to have more customers, right?