Shared SSL

Three questions for someone on the verge of moving my domain over to Dreamhost’s CDI plan:

  1. Does the CDI plan include a shared SSL server of some kind, or do I need to register a unique IP in order to access SSL at all?

  2. Would I be allowed access to the mod_rewrite engine and PHP configuration? My current host does not support mod_rewrite and insists on keeping $REGISTER_GLOBALS set to ON and it’s driving me crazy.

  3. As I understand it, Dreamhost would host my current domain “free” (e.g. no yearly domain reg. fee), plus registering another for free. Is that an accurate impression?

Many thanks!

Thank you very much for your reply. Can anyone confirm/answer the following?

  1. We would not need an SSL certificate to have SSL, just an static IP

  2. Having a static IP would allow us to access SSL on any of the three domains hosted

  3. Dreamhost supports Flash

Thanks again!

  1. There’s something in the Suggestions panel about offering shared SSL, if you want to vote for it.

  2. mod_rewrite works. register_globals is on, and the only way to change it is if you run PHP as an Apache module (not as CGI, the default), or compile your own.

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– Dan